Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Animals

We're in December already! That was quicker than expected. I said to myself at the start of the year (I can still remember!) that the previous year (2007) had gone so fast and that this year was sure to be the same, and now here we are, almost finished.
So I helped my mum write a letter to her sister (my aunt) today, and she wrote mostly about all of our animals. I thought it was perhaps time that I did the same here. So here we go...

First are our dogs -
Jake is a male border collie, who in his great intelligence realizes that he doesn't actually have to obey us if he doesn't want to. He knows we won't hurt him, so if there is no threat of a muzzle or a giant inflatable hammer chasing after him, he continues to bark at everything and anyone. We call it "selective deafness." Mum and I realize that Jake must inherit this trait from Dad...
Sasha is a female doberman X German Shepard. She's big, a little clumsy, extremely loving and a bit of a wimp, but only when it comes to family. If anyone else steps foot on the premises or comes near me when I'm out walking them, she'll reveal her darker side. She also dislikes children. When she was little, kids used to tease and throw stones at her, but she'd never attack a child or anyone else unless provoked.
Second are our cats -
K.C (Kitty Cat) is a male Maine Coon cat, who is very fluffy, very big, and very knotted. He won't let a brush near him, and scratches and bites when clippers are involved, so we tend to just leave the knots alone (until we can't bare them anymore, then they get cut off and he walks around looking like he had an argument with the lawn mower). He's a beautiful cat really, and loves to be with you. He has lowered himself to "beg" and "say please" when it comes to food, and enjoys just being with you. Occasionally he'll (to Mum, he'll never do it with me) sit beside you and talk to you and knead you and lick you and let you pet him.
Celeste is a female Russian Blue. She was actually my first foster cat (I'll explain soon) and when she came back to us after a failed adoption, we just knew we couldn't let her go again. She's a real "licker" as Russian Blues are, and spends most of her time outside sleeping. We don't know her background, but whatever her story, we love her so very very much (just like all our animals) and the antics she gets up to.
About 2 years ago Dad brought home from a church meeting 2 little black kittens that had been abandoned on the grounds. We did our best but they'd been without water and food for too long and after a few days, their kidneys failed and they passed away. I was just devastated! I cried for days! Mum came home from grocery shopping a few weeks later and gave me a flyer she'd gotten from a charity stall.
"Capricorn Animal Aid" is a charity for abandoned, unwanted and abused animals. Foster carers take animals into their homes and care for, desex, fix any health problems they may have and love them until a wonderful person from the community adopts them. It's a completely volunteer run project, with foster carers providing the food for their fostered animals. We hold raffles, cent sales, market stalls, money trees, sausage sizzles, just about everything we can to get the money to pay the vet and food bills for these animals. We also have a desexing subsidy available. For further info go to http://www.capricornanimalaid.org.au/.

I signed up straight away and have so far adopted out 5 beautiful cats and kittens, including our beautiful Celeste. We currently have 3 foster cats. Looey, Coconut and.... I'm not telling about the 3rd. I want her all to myself. You better not adopt her!! To see pictures visit the website above.

Then there are my reptiles -
Buffy is my beautiful female blue tongue skink . You wouldn't think so (or even imagine until you meet her) that a lizard could have so much personality, but I promise you she does! Buffy loves shopping! Her favourite shop is target. I take her out everywhere I go, and she sticks her head out of the bag and watches. She loves jewelry. And ice cream. My favourite drive through is McDonald's, and she knows what the building looks like. She'll get this "look" in her eye and if you don't buy an ice cream for her (which is most of the time) she'll give you the most disgruntled look and then the cold shoulder for half an hour. Sometimes, depending on how tired she is, I'll let her sleep under my pillow, and she loves that! She "talks" by huffing, or snorting, and you can tell by this if she's happy, annoyed, angry, ashamed, tired, cold or hot. She really is the most amazing thing!
Jasper is my Central Bearded Dragon (not yet sexed). He loves his crickets and thistles. He was so tiny when I brought him home I was terrified to pick him up in case I hurt him! (calling him a him until she lays eggs). He is now large enough (at 2 years) to go out with us, and he just loves sitting on your shoulder watching people. He also changes colour (light and dark) depending on his moods and surrounds. He's a really beautiful beardie, with the most amazing symmetrical pattern, which is different because most central dragons lose their patterns once they reach his age.
Spike is my male Eastern Water Dragon. Water dragons are known for their shy and elusive behaviour, and Spike is no different. He tries to avoid being caught, and once captured is extremely feisty. He hates me holding him, and in his first few months tried at any cost to bite me, often succeeding. I have scars to prove it! I've somewhat tamed him, but he still retains his water dragon ways...
We also have 2 chooks we use as egg layers and a goldfish called happy, but they don't have personalities. Oh the chooks are tame and follow you around and Happy does flips in his tank when he knows food is coming, but that's about it.

Hope this didn't bore you all too much!!

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