Friday, January 30, 2009

A picture... worth a thousand words!


Yarni Gras! said...


BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog today. I had a tiger stuffed animal who had glow in the dark eyes, she used to creep me out so I would have to turn her around at night! LOL!

Robyn said...

Oh Manda, they're are fantastic aren't they? lol
Thanks for stoppin by...and for your comment...yes ho hum, routine again :D
Yeah I do have one beaut scar and one teeny one so pretty lucky..well know :c)...could have been far worse..God was definitely looking after me.
It's not so bad cause even thought it's still red, it's on the underside of my hand just underneath my actual palm and not really on my between.
Thanks for asking.
BTW the links are so neat aren't they? Glad you thought so too!
hugs to you!!
Robyn xx

Robyn said...

Oh! Me again... I hope it's ok... I snitched your little God is big enough verse for my other blog.
I love this!
Let me know.
Thanks and hugs,
Robyn xx

PaisleyJade said...

Ha ha - those are great photos!

needlewings said...

Love the photos! That's one brave bird on the gator!