Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Vroom Vroom Chugga Chugga"

I haven't mentioned this, but at the start of the month, we bought a new car. Nothing special, just a Holden rodeo weldback. So far, the dogs have just loved going for rides in the tray, and we've taken Leila out once. She loved going for drives in the old car, but this was a bigger and nosier truck, so she wasn't so sure. She is seriously the most beautiful little darling! For the first half of the trip, she sat on my lap sniffing and looking around, then she headed through to her normal backseat spot, so I got out the camera and snapped some pics, while Mum took the wheel.Then after a bit she came back and settled, purring, in my lap for the rest of the trip. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood!

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apparentlyjessy said...

Gosh, she is a beautiful cat! My cats hate going in any car, they howl the whole time...but perhaps its because they know they are going to the vet...!
I was wondering if you were the same Mandapanda as from Swap-bot! What a small world the internet is!
I decided not to watch the RSPCA special, I knew it would upset and haunt me too much. I just can't cope with hearing or seeing animals get hurt (no more reptile park horror stories please!). I choose to help by donating what I can...and cupcakes seem to be a good way of weaselling money out of people!!! :)
Will look forward to keeping in touch, and hey, if you want to be in the running for the cupcake coin purse be sure to leave a comment in that post!
x Jessy