Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Oh dear! It's been sooooo long since I've posted! I just haven't been crafting anything in order to show you! Life get's so busy, as I'm sure you all know.
My mosaic (sneak peek in last post) is almost done. It's simply in need of another colour tile, the colour of which I can't find!! I've been looking for the past 3 weeks, and can't find any anywhere. Tomorrow I'm taking a trip to another town to see if their tile place has what I'm looking for. Otherwise, I'm hitting the op shops for some plates that I can shatter and use. Once I'm finished, I swear I'll show you, but for now, you'll just have to wait!

Here's another sneak-Be back posting again soon, I hope!


Yarni Gras! said...

hey! I don't know it is o/seas but here is what I do.
Call you local tile company. Ask if they have any discards/damaged tiles you can pick up. You can get them for free usually b/c they cost so much to have hauled off. If that doesn't work, call liquidation companies, they always have discontinued tiles in the 'back room'....
Another suggestion for if you have to actually buy plates: call a kitchen supply store...many buy seconds and you can pick them up for CHEAP. I got my fiestaware that way. Good luck :-)

3rdEyeMuse said...

... I'm thinking that you actually just like taunting us and building up the excitement! :) just kidding ... looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

apparentlyjessy said...

Manda! Hope all is well with you! I look forward to seeing the finished product! x