Saturday, September 26, 2009

B'day Present

The other day was my friend Helen's 50th birthday, and now that I've given her her present, I'm free to show you all what I made!

So here's the main present, this brooch that I made from polymer clay and beads:And here's the tin I made for her to store it in, along with all the other jewelry she seemed to get for the big day! It's made from a normal tin that I bought at spotlight, covered with paper. I then made and baked the teddy, bees, flower and hives out of polymer clay, and stuck them on with hot glue. Lastly, I covered the whole thing with a clear glue so that it went all shiny!A view from each side:I'm so happy she liked them! She wore the broach to church today and it looked fantastic!


clare's craftroom said...

Wow that is so clever , I love it !
Happy birthday to Helen .

Sew Useful Designs said...

What a beautiful gift! :-) You are very gifted in creating treasures!!!

Vikki x

ps. do you like to be called Manda? I wasn't sure if I'd be cheeky calling you this when I am just getting to know you!!!!

Christy said...

Hi Manda, your teddy box and brooch are sweet and cute! What a lovely birthday present. Happy birthday to your friend. xx

Yarni Gras! said...

what a beautiful brooch

apparentlyjessy said...

LOVE the brooch, its so sweet! Hand made gifts are so much nicer than store bought, there is just so much more love within them! :)

teresa said...

Wow your gifts are gorgeous.. are they hard to make??? They look amazing, especially the brooch xx