Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new family members and xmas crafting

So much has been happening! I mentioned in my last post I have a new pet! lol, No, she's not an owl! She's my Eastern Bearded Dragon! Her name is Pepsi, and she's just so sweet!Pepsi has had a hard start to life, coming through quite a bit before she found her way to me. She was scared and reluctant to be held when I first got her, sitting still and closing her eyes and puffing herself up to look bigger. Sometimes she'd puff her beard out and it would go black and she'd hiss. She was so skinny I could feel her backbone through her stomach! But now she's moving around her cage and enjoys sitting on your shoulder and I can even hand feed her! She's got the most beautiful markings on her belly and around her mouth, and when she colours up, her legs go a beautiful caramel colour. Her true nature is starting to show through and she's such a gorgeous girl!
I also have another two kittens I'm fostering for a few weeks. One of our other carers asked me to take them and tame them as she couldn't get them to stop hissing and running away. They're perfect now!Jaffa (tabby) and Humphrey (gray) are the cutest little things! They come when called and love to be patted and cuddled. They purr their little heads off before they go to sleep, on my bed mind you, and love to play with each other and our other cats, getting into all kinds of mischief! So that's four lizards and seven cats in the house now! lol
And the only crafting I've been able to accomplish is my first Christmas project for the year, a little green and red teddy with a little gold bow.I'm perfecting their bodies now but am still having some trouble with the heads! Oh well!

I have a heap more things to show you, but they'll have to wait until they're finished, or I take photos! Until then, have a good one!


Jennifer Rose said...

awww what a cute cute reptile :) the cats are cute too lol :)

the bear looks cute to me :)

apparentlyjessy said...

Manda you truely are an animal whisperer those kitties are lucky to have you enrich their lives!
Your lizard is lovely, and what a great name for her!
Look forward to seeing more of your Christmas projects x

Creative Breathing said...

Amanda, Wouldn't you know I stop by to say hello, and a lizard greets me right off! So perfectly you! Love the kitten blocks you are creating. Always such fascinating photos of your part of the world! Cranberry sauce - definitely an acquired taste! All good things to you this holiday season! Elizabeth

Tania said...

Now that there, that Pepsi, is ONE AMAZING LIZARD! I've come over all Lemon the Lizard regretful again!

Yarni Gras! said...

oh, that sweet dragon....she is so fortunate to have found you! Why would anyone starve a sweet lizard...that is HARD to do.
I can't wait to see the Santa hat she'll be wearing for Christmas! (heehee)....and the kitties are just adorable. They are cuddling nicely....just the opposite of Suki and Leo! LOL