Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Wishing Tree Tutorial

So it is Christmas, or basically Christmas anyway, and what better way to share the joy (and let your non-Santa family members know what you are hanging out for) than showing you how to make your very own wishing tree!First, start off with your general supplies-
3 different green felts (or any colours!)
Styrofoam coneNow, cut your felt into these general shapes, making sure that your felt does go all the way around your cone before trimming excess fabric.Start to sew your pieces that they fit snugly around your Styrofoam.Once you're happy with the felt placings, cut a circle to fit the bottom of your cone and blanket stitch the bottom shut.Congratulations! You now have your general tree!Now grab your next lot of supplies -
Jewels or buttons or some other type of accessory
Blue tack or glueNow put your tree ornaments together by sticking/dabbing some blue tack or glue in between your chosen jewel and thumbtack and letting it dry (if using glue).This is effective using plain gold thumbtacks too. ^
Find those catalogs that have been chucked into the recycle and go back through all those things you wanted, cutting them out as you go. Thumb tack them with your ornaments to your new tree and leave in plain sight of all family members.The other great thing about this project is that if you use blue tack, your whole tree is able to be pulled apart again, so you can always use that cone in another project once the felt wears out!

If you make one of your own, don't forget to let me know so that I can visit your blog and see it!


Linda said...

oh this is fabulous!!! thanks for sharing the tutorial!!! so many things to make and so little time and the mojo is going too!! bugger

clare's craftroom said...

Yes looks great , I love it !