Monday, January 11, 2010

"Tied" Quilts

I've been meaning to show you these for quite some time. I've only just re-found the pictures, so thought I should post before I lose them again!
My Aunt is an amazing craftser. She makes all kinds of things, from ribbon embroidered teddy bears and amazingly intricate quilts through to crocheted doilies and knitted wool jumpers. Next time I'm at her house, I plan to take photos of all her wonderful creations!
Way back in the naughties, she made some quilts for her children, my cousins. We were only able to get photos of two of them, but I'm told the third was just as wonderful, purple and filled with butterflies!They're made from old men's ties cut into strips. Isn't that ingenious? She used her sewing machine to embroider the middle panels, then matched all the different coloured ties together to form the most wonderful quilt blocks!Aren't they special? I hope those children of hers (older than I am mind you) are taking care of those wonderful works of art!


teresa said...

Wow, how great are those quilts. I didn't pick they were made from ties, till I read it. Super idea. I made a bag once from ties. I got some gorgeous Italian silk ties and they were nice to sew with. I think the quilts are very special. :)

searchfamilies said...

what beautiful quilts really nice
Hugs Janice

c|ara said...

Your aunt's quilts are gorgeous! What a great way to use old ties.

p/s You won my giveaway but I think my emails must have ended up in the wrong folder. Could you get back to me please? xox