Saturday, March 27, 2010

stapeliad swap

Ok, I'll admit it. I love stapeliads aka starfish flowers! I've become addicted to growing them and waiting for the flowers to bloom. But sadly I've only been able to find 2 different sorts, and one of them is growing so slowly I haven't even seen what kind of flowers it has!

So when Sandi blogged about an unusual succulent on her veranda, I was over the moon! After a few emails had been exchanged on how wonderful and amazing these flowers are, we decided on a plant swap!
So I sent Sandi I piece of my starfish flower -For a piece of hers -But guess what? She sent me extra! And not just another starfish flower called "Owl Eyes" (which I am sooooo super excited about) but some other beautiful succulent plants, and some sewing supplies too!Oh Sandi, thank you so much! I have potted them all up -and I just adore the scissors and pins!

Have you ever done an out-of-the-ordinary swap?


clare's craftroom said...

How nice and a great way to make a new friend !

Joy said...

What a lovely swap!!!! Clare's right, such a nice way to make friends too :o).
Joy :o)

bloomize said...

So fun! I was thinking the other day of doing an eco shopping bag from your local supermarket kind of swap. Don't know if that's interesting. :)

Yarni Gras! said...

wonderful....I used to love plant swapping but have never done it through the mail!

Bluebell said...

Hello, thankyou for stopping by my blog, yes I did enjoy going through all that china it was great fun, I love all your finds too especially the lovey painting. It's lovely to see the different plants on your blog I suppose the plants you have are quite tropical.We were in Queensland 3 years ago and had a wonderful time, we stayed with family who live at Redcliffe on Morton Bay, my husband was in heaven because of all the wonderful fish and seafood he could eat. I did some yard sales whilst I was there and I loved them, we don't have them here. I will call again
Love Jillxx

Sandi Butler said...

Such a fun swap to do, the starfish plants you sent me are very happy in their pot, catching some autumn sun.
I'm glad you liked the extras :)