Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

What did you get up to for M Day? Did it start off with breakfast in bed? Then turn to unwrapping presents and exclaiming over each one? Perhaps going home to spend some time with your Mum? Perhaps a phone call, because you can't spend the day with her? Or maybe even a quick glance at that framed photograph and a whispered "I miss you, Happy Mother's Day Mum."
My Mum is my best friend. I'm happy that she is! Who better to go shopping and chat to and whine over things with?

What was your Mother's Day present? What did you give your Mum?

Mine - A face washer and hand towel set that Narelle made for me (see picture 2 posts ago!) And a cushion cover I sewed up for her, knowing how much she loved the one I sent back to Christine in the Ugly Fat 1/4 swap! Here's the pics -I can't remember which blog I got the stitchery from.If anyone recognizes it please let me know so I can give credit to the designer.
Again, Happy Mother's Day, no matter what kind of mother you are!


Jan said...

Our Mothers day was in March ,but a happy day to all Mums across the pond ,Your Mum must have been delighted with her presents ,have a lovely day Jan xx

teresa said...

Gorgeous Amanda.. the stitchery is just perfect! I'm sure she loved it!

Christine M said...

Hi Amanda. What a cute stitchery. The cushion looks great. I must say that my cushion looks lovely sitting on my bed. Hugs, Christine

Sarah said...

What a lovely verse in your Mum's cushion Amanda! really beautiful!
x Sarah
PS: I wont go in your pin giveaway..... You know my luck with your giveaways LOL

Anonymous said...

such a sweet stitchery it all looks gorgeous together