Monday, July 26, 2010


I really do love scoring a bargain at an op-shop! Here's some more recent finds -A wonderful mug I bought for my Mum - she loves it!A green and purple crocheted throw, which has now been given to some African refugees who are now members of our church family.A sweet little paper-quilled Panda!A gorgeous embroidered fish bowl doily. Lovely isn't it?!A painted cowry shell necklace with blue beads (Dunno why but I simply adore looking at and holding this one!)And last but not least this little blue barrel toothpick holder which I shall turn into a pincushion.


Creative Breathing said...

Hi Amanda! I was confused at first that your post says Monday! Of course, you are already there! I just love the stitched fish bowl! That is so you! so me! I wanted to let you know that you have seen my own original owl twice now. The green owl is my own as well as a brown woodland one. All of my patterns except for this little owl (mushroom is also my own) are of my own imagination. Elizabeth

Christine M said...

I just love the fish bowl doily. Wherever did you find that? Hugs, Christine

marina said...

what great buys. The stitched fish bowl is just great.