Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brown Paper Packages

Tied up with Strings,
These are a few of my favourite things!
Isn't it wonderful to have friends who help you out when you don't have a working sewing machine? I sent some stitcheries and fabric down to Teresa, and she sent them all back to me the other week, beautifully and professionally completed! Just look at my wonderful little bundle of goodies!Pictured is the Owl pillow from my last post, one of her wonderful stationery folders, a gorgeous bag featuring a lion and lamb stitchery I did awhile ago, two kitty cat doorstops that need to be filled, and two quilts using stitcheries I've embroidered.
Remember these, these and these? Well this is what they've been turned into -Isn't it just gorgeous!!? So much nicer in person, the rainy weather doesn't allow a better picture.
Here's the little doll/wall quilt she sewed up for me too, using owl stitcheries!You can buy the embroidery pdf pattern for them here.
Thanks Teresa!!! You are seriously the best friend a girl could have!!


BubzRugz said...

Those are lovely.... how great of Teresa to put them together for you...

teresa said...

I'm so glad you're happy with them Amanda. You should be zooming in to show off how lovely your stitcheries are! Hope it's stopped raining for you up there xx

Jo in TAS said...

Teresa is such a gem for doing that for you, well done Teresa!
Love those owls too!

marina said...

Now that is a great helping hand!
I thought the tabby cat was real till I looked twice.
They all look wonderful. Your little owl stitcheries are so cute.
Your christmas quilt has come together beautifully.

Creative Breathing said...

Oh Amanda! Your owl quilt is the cutest I think I have ever seen! What a lot of work you have put into both! Treasure to keep forever! Have a lovely sunny week ahead! Elizabeth