Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Good Haul

The cats knocked over the tree. I woke up to the crash at 5.00am, my favourite glass mushroom totally smashed in pieces all over the floor. Darn Cats! Oh well. It didn't take that long to redecorate, and I added some more branches and ornaments. It looks fantastic! Click to see larger image -Here's my Christmas loot this year! A pretty good score, 17 owls in all!
A gorgeous little green lizard ornament, Material Obsession, Gift card for Sportsgirl from my brother. (You'll love what my sister got me! It deserves a post all its own so you'll have to wait!)Kitty Biscuit tin, Kitty glasses case, Bird in a cage keyring:Material Obsession Two, a ceramic cupcake trinket box, and of course all those owls:Sorry the pics aren't so great. I'm really missing my camera (of which the repair costs are a Christmas present too! Thanks Mum!!)
What did you get for Christmas this year?!


Torie Jayne said...

Lovely gifts, I got lots of cute baking stuff
Wishing you and you family all the best, Merry Christmas, Torie Jayne x

Christine M said...

You certainly did well Amanda. Seventeen owls! wow! Where will you put them all? Hugs, Christine xx

Creative Breathing said...

Merry Christmas Amanda! I didn't know you were crazy about owls! All of your gifts are just wonderful! I also enjoyed all of the owl crafts posted just before. What a beautiful time to be in Australia, warm sun and seas. Thank you so very much for all the wonderful animal kingdom information you have shared with me this past year. It was as though I had my own link to National Geographic which I read every day! The blessings of season wished for you. Joy in the New Year! Elizabeth

Jodie said...

You have a whole flock of owls !! A parliament even .

Khris said...

ohh you spoilt cool though....I hope you are safe up there in all that water...hugs Khris