Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Favorites

Owl hidey holes!!

Japanese mushroom paper lamps! Where can I get these?

I love labs!!

These furry little cuties are called Momongas!

Totally true...but I'm laughing in my head!

Snail Mail!!

I want these boots! How cool are they?

Cat chases black bear up a tree - Classic!!!

I now have one of these Canon Camera Lens Mugs!

Ant Handstand!!!


Christine M said...

Great photos Amanda!

Melody said...

Wonderful. Fab photos.

Joy said...

What a great post 'Manda ..... LOVE the Meth Lab LOL!!!!!!!!
Joy ;o)

Sandi said...

Loved the photos. especially the 'snail mail' I actually did lol.

mickey said...

Fun pictures! I lol'd at the Meth Lab--- for real, not the pictured one! Thanks for the grins!

Allie said...

Oh m'gosh what a fun post - the "meth" lab really did make me lol!!!