Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Favorites

Sasha needs a dog house like this!I love the giant cross-stitch rose painted on the wall!Can I have these boots? Pretty Please?!This keyring and key holder is pretty nifty!I love the yellow shoes in this pic! I would totally wear them with jeans too.Kaylah's Kitty Doctor Octopus is soooo cute!!Wanna go camping?These are "mood" tiles, so they change colour when the water hits them, depending on the temperature! Oh, I so want these in by shower!!!And I'm loving the new series of Terra Nova on channel 10! It's filmed in Australia!!!


Allie said...

I want a gypsy wagon so bad I can taste it! Love those shoes. I don't like Terra Nova- I watched the first one and it reminded me too much of Lost and Jurassic Park. I miss Lost.

Jennifer Rose said...

i've seen pictures of those tiles being used in the mens washroom as urinals, not sure if its real tho lol
they are cool looking :D the tiles...not a urinal :p