Saturday, November 19, 2011


I finally found some spare time to take pictures of a few recent thrift shop finds!
This handmade doily is so sweet.A complete mini tea set for AU$3.00A couple of Siamese kitties for my cat collection! They have a few chips, but are so sweet that I don't even notice them.A handmade card, blank inside.This pretty painting for 50cents was great!These cutie-pie little plastic animals were a bargain at a few cents each. Mouse, rabbit, and a squirrel family!This brand new kitty bed for $3 which has already been claimed.Some old barn owl yowies for my owl collection cost nothing!This little assortment of jewelry I just couldn't leave behind.And last but not least, these five mushroom canisters!!! They came to around $7.00 each.I have more thrifted items to share (including my recent Christmas purchases!!) but I gotta take pics first, so stay tuned!


Allie said...

What a HAUL! The kitties are so cute, love the painting - and your kitty looks VERY happy!

Melody said...

Fabulous finds.