Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beaded Glittered Christmas Decorations Tutorial

Get your ingredients -
  • hot glue gun
  • normal "dries clear" craft glue and paintbrush
  • styrofoam ball or other needs to be bedazzled item (I used a glass tea light candle holder as well)
  • beads of your choice
  • sequins of your choice
  • glitter craft paint (or just use the other glue and glitter by itself)
  • kebab stick

Step 1: Poke the kebab stick into your styrofoam ornament.Step 2: Paint your dries-clear glue onto your styrofoam ball in segments, and cover with the sequins.Once fully covered leave overnight to dry.Step 3:Grab your hot glue gun (make sure you're working on a plastic surface so you can pick up the dry bits of glue later) and start applying your beads randomly.If you're planning on hanging the completed ornament, don't cover up the hole that the kebab stick was poked into.

Step 4: Once the beads and glue cool down, you can start applying your glitter paint (or glue drops then sprinkle with glitter) around your beads where there's small gaps.Step 5: Once the glitter dries, it's done. Unless you want to hang it in which case cut a small length of ribbon or string, and stick into the gap you've left in the ball (where the kebab stick was) using a dress pin and some glue.Voila! See how pretty they are? I reckon a few of these balls in a tall glass vase would look quite nice with some smaller silver decorations.Or a few candles all grouped together.


sandra said...

Hmmm, very beautiful, good job for the grand kids.

bec said...

oooh, I like, an ok project for me and the girl too!

Melody said...

Very beautiful

Allie said...

I love these - I made some years ago, and my girlfriend nabbed the prettiest one! It was all done in pinks. These are fun to do!