Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh Deer!

I have done considerably well in my bargain hunting lately, adding several new deer to my ever-growing collection (of which is mostly wrapped up in boxes as I have no where to display them).

These precious S & P shakers I bought from Vinnies for $3!This wooden painted picture was from Lifeline for $1.This wall vase I scored at the markets, for a 1/4 of the price I've seen them on eBay.My Mum got me these at some markets, they're bone china and ever so cute!This beautiful wooden wall hanging with one of my favourite Psalms was 1/2 price on the day.I bought this little planter from a garage sale.These were from an op shop, $1 for the set.This little guy came from an antique shop for $2.His 3 friends are from a car boot sale. I now have 5 of those deer vases, but every one of them is different!This beautiful fawn I found in an antique shop for $10, which is amazing as she's 37cms tall!I also got this cutie from the antique shop.And these gorgeous flocked deer I bought from this lovely shop on etsy.I hope to find more deer soon, I just adore them! Have you found any good thrifts lately?


Melody said...

I adore them too, so very sweet.

Jodie said...

ooooh you got SO LUCKY!! I'm so glad - see it's the good karma coming back to you!!! :) that little vase in the middle, the tall thin one, I have a matching one :)

Popstars said...

Thanks for blogging about the deer you bought from me !
I reposted your post on my facebook page. check it out :) Thanks again