Thursday, February 16, 2012


So anyone remember when Jasper got pregnant last year?
What ended up happening was one of the eggs traveled down into the stomach instead of the birthing canal, and rotted. It's called Peritonitis. So I took her to go see Terry, my reptile vet, and he ended up doing surgery on her. After scraping out her stomach of the rotted egg, he also took out her ovaries, leaving just a small sliver of one behind. Jasper was thin for weeks, I was so worried I was going to lose her. Eventually, in late December, she gained weight and I was thrilled. Then I felt her stomach and uh-oh, more lumps! They couldn't be eggs, because Terry had taken her ovaries out. So I took her back to Terry, and he took X-rays and indeed, she was pregnant again. Oh dear. With that small sliver of an ovary, she managed to become gravid.
Anyway, we waited for about a week, thinking we'd have to go back in and do more surgery to remove the eggs, but one night she could be heard digging in the sandbox and laid 22 eggs. She even covered them up afterwards, which was a fabulous sign!
Using the method a friend had taught me for removing reptile eggs, I placed them in a container and took them over to Debbie's to be placed in the incubator.
Jasper has gained back the weight, although she is skinnier than I would like, and is very happy and healthy!
And last night, Debbie messaged me "Your eggs are hatching!"
We rushed over to take some photos of them emerging from the eggs. 20 hatched out of 22 is pretty good for a lizard with an ovary sliver!I've decided I'll keep one. After all, it's Jasper and Diego's offspring!The others I've given to Debbie for her to sell. Who knows, their colour might be so nice she'll keep a few herself!Aren't they the cutest things? No bigger than a 10cent piece!


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Sue said...

They are amazing. I've never seen anything like that before....well yes... I've watched tiny geckos hatch about 50 years ago. Congrats to you Grandma!

Jo in TAS said...

Congratulations Grandma! How exciting!! Can't wait to see baby snaps when they're totally out of the shells!

Jodie said...

whoah amazing!! congrats on the new cute members of the family ;)

Christine M said...

Congratulations to Jasper and Diego (and Grandma, of course)!

Melody said...

Fabulous, I'm looking forward to seeing your little baby grow.