Monday, February 27, 2012

A walk in the park

revealed some interesting bits and pieces that were gathered together and photographed.It's very wet and the mozzies are nuts this time of year.I use OFF spray, it's the only thing that helps keep them away. What's your defense against mozzie bites?


Cath said...

Ugghhh, mozzies!! i try and avoid them or rub some roll on repellent on my feet and ankles (that's the bit they seem to enjoy) on another note, I have to tell you I really love the photo of the kitty in the panda suit. Makes me giggle every time i visit your blog. Is it your kitty?

Sue said...

I love your park treasures and the way you've laid them out to photograph. Simple and gorgeous.

Sandi said...

You've found lots of interesting and colourful things on your walk.
We don't get that many mossies here I'm glad to say. But if there are some around, it would be just on dusk.