Wednesday, September 12, 2012

weird little eco system

While walking in the gardens, I found clinging to a weeping paperbark branch this little ball of plants.
I've only seen one before. I thought it was a flower because it was all dried out but with this one you can tell that it was different from everything else. It was getting its water supply from the branch (well twig really) of the paperbark tree.
A weird little eco system all in a world of it's own, complete with spider and web!
Google wasn't any help. Does Anyone know what these little plants are? They remind me of bromeliads.


simplestitches said...

wow it's tiny!
I would say a type of bromeliad too..I've seen something similar on one of those garden shows, not as small though.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

know idea what it is, but its very neat looking. very sci-fi :)

Sue said...

Sure looks like a bromeliad to me too. Don't forget to tell us what it is when you find out.

val said...

reminds me of Horton Hears A Who....its a who-ville plant!