Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 things making me Smile

1. Fresh flowers. Oh how I love Spring!
2. My new owl bedspread which is light and soft and fluffy.
3. Finding pretty things while walking the dog.
4. Owl solar lights.
5. Making Christmas wreaths for my two best friends and having them received with happiness!
6. Playing with baby birds. These guys are Cockatiels.
7. Browsing Christmas decorations in the shops.
8. Visiting frogs.
9. Finishing a pair of shoes for another friend.
10. and my favourite - A tawny who thinks he's camouflaged! Can you spot him?


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

LOL!! i love that last pic :D

Leah said...

He looks right at home. :)

Candy Pop said...

The last photograph is amazing and you have an owl. Wow!

val said...

I spotted him right away...what a fun post!

Sandi said...

I can see you! :)
Oh my, look at all those owls!!!