Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh - Aussie - Christmas Tree

42'c today. No way was I going to struggle with that big heavy pine tree.
So I resort to my backup aussie tree instead.
Much better suited for a Christmas in the sweltering heat wave we're having. Attach owls, Australian fauna baubles from Target and some newly thrifted ornaments.
 Add some other birds, some lights and a few more bits and pieces and it's done!
Time to sit back and enjoy...
Have you put your tree up yet? Let me know when you have photos on your blog and I'll make my way over to see it!


Jeanette said...

Love your tree. Those ornaments are gorgeous. Hugs,

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

42!! o.0 i think it was -5 here

no tree here, dont have the space. its either have a dining table or a tree lol