Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Car Boot Markets

Went to the Car Boot Sale markets in my area on Sunday. Not too much there but I did manage to come back home with some pretty good loot.
Homegrown and made creamed honey, a whole container for just $5 and let me tell you, worth every cent!
Homemade mulberry jam, just delicious and very pink.
Homegrown butter beans were yummy. My favorite kind of bean.
Handmade crochet cactus in pot was cheap as and I've always wanted one!
The bunny candle was a mere 50cents.
The cute little squirrel/acorn tea set was cheap as too.

Also bought a little deer pin but you wouldn't have been able to see it in the photo.
All in all, I think this was a great market day!


Indigo Blue said...

The china bunny is cute. Could pop a small plant in it when the candle has gone.

Melody said...

Great buys. I'm investigating Instagram so I can keep in touch more often. Big hugs

Sue said...

Great loot, I love garage sales, swap meets, car boot sales.......so much so I have to have one of my own soon.