Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heart Felt...um...foam

Yes, we are devastated as a nation. Yes, we feel for every person who has lost a loved one or a home. Yes, we donate money and clothes and do as much as we can. Yes, our hearts break every time we turn on the news. Ultimately though, we must get get on with our own lives.

I'm sending my love to those who have been affected in any way by this tragedy.
  1. Grab a couple of sheets of sticky-backed foam -
  2. Trace or draw a heart onto selected colour -
  3. Cut out heart -
  4. Decorate in your own style and stick heart onto desired surface -
Of course, you don't have to just create a heart. You could make place-mats and coasters for each member of your family, and decorate them with the family member's name. Non-sticky-backed foam, of course! Example: It could also work for kids b'day parties:
Your 5 year old boy love dinosaurs? Grab some green, trace the shape, cut out and add details with extra foam. Faeries for that special little girl? Add some butterfly and flower coasters!

Let your imagination go wild and have fun with it!

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Lallee said...

I am so very sorry for all the devastation your country has been experiencing. It is heart wrenching. My prayers are lifted for everyone. Your hearts are a kind gesture that I know will be appreciated.