Thursday, February 12, 2009

mail today!

My beautiful Valentine Peg Doll
Thank you Elizabeth! She's gorgeous!


Lallee said...

She arrived safely. Aren't you going to really enjoy her? She is adorable and Elizabeth's work is amazing.

Mel said...

She is lovely! How fun to receive such fun stuff in the mail!

Question for you, what/who is Thylacine? I was reading your profile and didn't know what you are refering to.

Also, on a comment you left on my blog, you said that koalas don't drink water, but get moisture from gum leaves, WHO KNEW?? Thanks for that tidbit, I will use it to sound so smart among my friends!

clare said...

She's sooo cute !
clares craftroom

Christy said...

your peg doll is a sweetie! i hope you enjoy her!

thanks for adding me to your blog roll too. it means a lot!