Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sssssomething'ssss up

Ok, I'm gonna educate everyone for a sec! The top 11 deadliest snakes are Australian, the deadliest being the Inland or Western Taipan. More people are bitten in Australia while mistreating snakes than anywhere else. Australia is the python capitol of the world. The heaviest python in the world is the Amethystine Python of Tropical North Australia. Tasmania has only three types of snakes, all of which are deadly. A snakes venom is like a humans saliva, and therefore is no less deadly after being milked. Never touch a dead snake, as they can still inject venom several hours after death. If you live in suburbia Australia, you are never more than 200 meters away from a snake. In fact, I have one living in my ceiling!

These are the other two snakes the handler brought out during the public demonstration. First a red belly(who was due for a shead and therefor his eyes were opaque):Then an Eastern Brown:If you live in Australia, you should always have a crepe bandage on hand, and know first aid for snake bites. You should always be aware when walking in grass any longer than 10 cm, and stamp your feet heavily as you walk. Snakes have very poor eye sight, and can't see more than 2 meters in front of them. They're also deaf, and can't hear you coming. Vibrations are your best bet, so stamp! I know I often do as I live in Taipan country, and that's one bite I refuse to experience! Lastly, if you do come to be near a snake, stand still until it slithers away. You can scream all you want, just stay still. Don't kill them, because not only is it illegal and you could be in for a very hefty fine, but they're vital to the Australian eco-system!
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clare's craftroom said...

Good info but you forgot that when any snake crosses your path and you then tell someone else about it you have to add a couple of feet to the size , LOL .

3rdEyeMuse said...

fascinating information. thank you. :)