Saturday, June 6, 2009

Winnners are Grinners!

Congratulations to everyone who participated, every guess was a good one! I would have guessed the exact same snakes as you. In fact, I did!

When the reptile handler, Dave, started describing the snake, I guessed "Tiger." Then He brought him out of the bag and I went..."Oh! Red Belly!" Dave said, "He's a tiger from the Northern Territory..." and I went, "Oh! A red morph tiger!" then Dave continued "....commonly known as the colletts snake!"

Yes, I was dumbfounded too! I felt quite stupid as I know snakes, but he's the most different vibrant red colletts snake I've ever seen!! That's why I thought he'd make a great subject for a guessing game!!
Now I must remark that even though this is typically known as a tiger snake, if you're bitten by one, you're not given tiger snake anti-venom. You're given black snake anti-venom instead. So technically it's a type of black snake. (red bellies, blue bellies etc)
Thank you so much to everyone who had a guess! Next time I'll make it something much nicer than a snake, promise!

So our winner is Sarah, as her first answer was "Tiger." That's the genus! But Linda guessed lastly "Red snake from the NT and is very deadly," which is mostly true, and such a good try! He doesn't look like a black snake after all...

So, I'm going to send you both a prize! I just need your addresses... Sarah I think I have yours already but would like it through e-mail anyway, just in case I can't find the envelope you sent the camera case in. Drop it into me at hickups88(at)hotmail(dot)com, and I'll make you both a little something!
Let me know if you'd like something you've seen on my blog lately and I'll make you one or some of them!

Again, thank you to everyone for having a go, and stay tuned for my 100th post giveaway. (This is post number 83!)


3rdEyeMuse said...

would never have guessed ... Congratulations to both the lucky winners! ... and what a great photo that one is!

Jennifer Rose said...

good to know :) (and know its a snake to avoid now if ever over there :))

Christy said...

hehee, congrats to the winners!

Sarah said...

WOW!! I won.... yay!!
Thankyou Amanda!
x Sarah

Linda said...

wow I can't believe it this is sooo cool thank you Amanda! I will email you. It was so much fun it really was!!!