Friday, June 4, 2010


Worthington was adopted out almost immediately! I then had two of his sisters come and stay with me for one night (all I could handle!) and they were both adopted too! One of his brothers was adopted through us via the pound (never went to a foster carers house) and now all who's left is Bruno. I've no idea why he's the last to go.He's cute, fluffy, has gorgeous eyes, is very well behaved, so intelligent, is such a sweetheart who just wants to be with you all the time, and is very border collie-ish! I can see my beloved Jake in him so much! And he's already learning how to play fetch with sticks!Hopefully Bruno will be adopted by a loving family soon. I know some people who are interested already, and seriously, who could resist this face?!
Now for the Snappy Friends Weekly Challenge!
This weeks challenge is "things that make you go urrrr!"
The fact is, I have no photo, because my camera is still in the shop getting fixed. Honestly, it was just in to get some dust particles removed from inside the lens. How hard can that be? Doesn't it just make you go urrrrr! At least I think that's what urrrr means... So no pic for this challenge, sorry. Hopefully my camera will be back next week so I wont have to borrow a camera to take pictures again.


Joy said...

Amanda he's just too cute!!! So adorable ;o).
Joy :o)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

He is beautiful!!!
The work you do for these Fluffy fellas is great! You obvoiusly get much fromit too.
Our Dog would love a friend....Our neighbours,Quite a long way from us as we are on property bring their Lab for playdates!!!! seriously! Our Dog is in heaven with a friend!

Yarni Gras! said...

oh my GOSH! He is sooooooo cute! I can't imagine why no one would snatch him up right away!

Sandi Butler said...

He is simply adorable. How could you not love a cute little pup like that.

joanie said...

Wow Amanda he's gorgeous! If we didn't just get a new puppy we'd snap him right up. Thanks for your visit to NM today fellow owl lover.