Saturday, January 8, 2011

Photo Dump

I've had these pics kicking around the computer for ages, so it's time to share!This is Tibby, a pure-bred female Tibetan Spaniel we fostered for 24 hours while more permanent accommodation could be found. It irks me that someone can abandon a dog worth $300 plus, especially when they're this cute!This gecko was hunting grasshoppers at the same time I was.Some of our purple Vanda Orchid flowers in full bloom, and surprisingly, they still are flowering!
One of our Walking Iris plants is in flower.Some green tree frogs in amongst seed pods at our front door.Here's Spike and Oscar together on the couch, snuggling! Oscar must've thought that, if it was going to flood, the safest place would be with a water dragon!


Jennifer Rose said...

we had someone bring their dog to the dog groomers and call it a "tib-a-tan" terrier >.< we had no idea what she meant until the boss said oh a tibetan terrier :p

Maria said...

I can never understand folk dumping pets.

Love your photos.

apparentlyjessy said...

I love your animal photos Manda! I think you should post them more often, they always make me smile!

val said...

lovely photos!