Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Inspirations

Instead of Friday Favorites, until Christmas I'll be doing Holiday Inspirations!Same concept, just Christmas-y. You're welcome to join in on your own blog, just let me know so I can come look!

I love these globe ornaments! I got one from Big W this year!How pretty is this tree?Something we need to remember..So easy, just tape off the design you want, spray paint, wait til dry and peel off tape! I'd use silver paint then roll it in Epsom salt for a snowy look, then pull off the taps and stuff the bottle with fairy lights.I love this wreath! I have some plastic feathers...So simple yet so elegant!How effective! Paint a tin can red, add a black belt, fill with foliage!Most awesome wrapping paper for books and boxes, and not just for Christmas!!Love this tree! If I had a white one I would so do this!Golden Snitch Ornament = Genius!Paint chip cards into gift tags...why didn't I think of this?Who doesn't love strawberries, chocolate and cream? Santa Hat Brownies!!
All pictures from Pinterest.


Quilt Kitty said...

Those paint chip cards as decorations are a great idea. Going to check the supermarket for a round cutter to try those Santa Hat Brownies. Tracee xx

simplestitches said...

great pics as those Santa hats...don't think they would last long in my house!
and that white tree is stunning...