Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Inspirations

Another Friday, we're getting closer to Christmas Day! *freak out* Still so much to do!I love these gorgeous trimmed trees by Gingercake.Here's an idea. Turn your bauble ornaments upside down, attach a handmade basket and another string on top for hanging and voila! Hot Air Balloon Ornaments!I love this tree!For your daughter's hairdo either on the big day or for the local Carols!Instead of stockings (most QLDers don't have a mantel to hang them on) use buckets to store presents in. Grab a cheap 60cent bucket from Bunnings, paint it whatever colour you like, then add embellishments and a name (or name tag around the handle) and display them around the TV cabinet or other central family room "mantel". Then on Christmas day the kids have their own bucket of presents!Time to rifle through the recycle bin for toilet rolls to make these pretty ornaments!Easy for the kids to make and so sweet, pipe cleaner trees!I need to hang a copy of this somewhere every Christmas!!How cute is this snowman?Now, where in the tropics can I find me some pine cones?I just adore this wrapping paper!!Simple card, just paint different hues of greens around the rim of a plastic or styrofoam cup and press to the corner of a blank card, then add a bow once the paint's dry.I am making some of my own little "putz houses" this year. Granted they're not as good as these but I'm very happy with them!Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Pictures via Pinterest


Allie said...

What gorgeous inspiration - love those "putz" houses!

Zing Zing Tree said...

Hi I'm glad you like my trees. But they are not made with pipe cleaners (Pipe cleaner trees). Details are on my blog