Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thrifted Christmas

One thing I love about thrifting at this time of year is that all the awesome handmade decorations, stockings, and other goodness that nobody seems to want is mine for the taking!!This gorgeous advent-quilt-wall-hanging was only $4.00!These hand-sewn coasters were only 50 cents for 4.This huge sewn Christmas Tree, which is quite heavy, was only $8.00.This beautiful table runner with beaded berries was only $1.00.This handmade prim tree in pot was a mere $1.50, and the little wooden house with hanging mice cost nothing!! The top mouse was actually missing, but I had a pair of earrings that were perfect!This gorgeous ceramic deer bell was $2.00, and is now part of my deer collection.


Christine M said...

You've certainly done well with your Christmas shopping Amanda. I love the little mouse house.

Allie said...

Boy did you get some great bargains - love all of it!

Quilt Kitty said...

Great bargain hunting Manda. I just love the deer bell. Tracee xx