Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Felt Deer Pattern

I drew a pattern for a little deer awhile ago, and have managed to make them just in time for Christmas!I think they've turned out quite cute, really. They're easy enough to make, each deer took me about 2 hours to finish (in between watching TV).Here's the pattern, I hope it's easy enough to understand.I chose not to add antlers as I wanted Bambi type deer, but they're included in the pattern.
You can embellish them however you want. I've used buttons for eyes, thread for the nose and a ribbon with a bow around the neck. Hang them on your tree as ornaments! Their little legs are pose-able too.If you get stuck with the pattern, let me know in the comments with a way to contact you and I'll try and help.


Allie said...

ADORABLE!!! Those are just way to sweet - thank you for the pattern, girl!

Indigo Blue said...

These are just sooooo cute. You have created a lovely shape with the head and body and I think antlers would not look right anyway. You have achieved the Bambi look.
Have a great Christmas and a Happy new Year.

CurlyPops said...

Supercute!!! I always have good intentions of making ornaments. I figure if I start now, I may actually have some done for next year.

Jodie said...

oooh so cute!! I am going to have a go at making one today :)