Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little Houses on the Hillside

I have finally finished my little cardboard houses! Aren't they cute?
I made two.One redand one Blue!The little candy canes and snowman are made from clay, but the snowman's arms are real twigs.I had to wait for the bottle trees to arrive from the UK. I can't find them for sale anywhere in Australia.The ric rac sets off the blue house wonderfully!Displayed inside, the glitter twinkles like Christmas lights.I might make a few more next year and start building a village!


CurlyPops said...

Wow - stunning! Can you just imagine if you kept adding to each year. How cool.

Christine M said...

Your little houses are beautiful Amanda. You are so clever. Have a lovely Christmas. Hugs, Christine xx

Indigo Blue said...

These are brilliant! Are really just made out of ordinary cardboard? They are brilliantly done. Where do you put them? I like the village idea too.
have a very happy peaceful christmas.