Thursday, February 28, 2013

February in Instagram

This month just flew by! Wait, I said that about last month, didn't I? Doesn't help that this month is a couple days shorter than the rest.
This month I...
Photographed some of my favourite stuff and drank a lot of coffee.
Fled the floods.
Harmonized with nature.
Had some interesting new friends visit.
Went shopping. A lot!
Hung out with friends.
Did some embroidery and bought a new quilt.
Enjoyed and laughed at my fur babies antics.
What did you do this past month?


Warner Carter said...

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Khristina aka Khris said...

I fled the floods too Manda...crazy damn weather...and still raining here. Today has been better than the weekend but still having rain. Had a lovely wading pool in the back yard for my daughters wedding but nothing could dampen our spirits...hugs Khris