Friday, July 2, 2010

Swap #1

I have my camera back (duh duh duh duh, duh duh, duh duh, can't touch this, duh duh duh duh, duh duh.... hammer time) yay!!!
So I've decided that it's about time I showed you all some of the swap goodness I have received for my owl pins. First up, Sarah of Sarah's Prim Treasures!
When we decided to do a swap, Sarah had recently blogged about a book she had bought and in it was a pattern for the most gorgeous hot water bottle cover! So I asked for one of those to warm up the cold winter nights. Little did I know that it would turn out so beautifully!! Don't you just LOVE the fabric she used?She also sent me the sweetest little matching thread bin, which is NOT going to hold threads, it's way too nice for that!And sunglasses case with - get this - an owl embroidery!How totally cute is this?!?Thankyou so very much Sarah! I love all my swap goodies and am very glad you like yours too!


Jo in TAS said...

Sarah is a beautiful stitcher and equally beautiful in real life too, inside and out!! She made you some gorgeous goodies!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Love a hottie in winter and that cover would just make it all the more better

Roseanne said...

Sarah did a great job on your swap present. When I went to see her she showed me. I just love the fabric she used. You ars very lucky.