Monday, January 24, 2011

Queensland Flood Relief Auction Winner!!

What a fantastic effort everyone has put into raising money to help those affected! Toni and Carli have done an incredible amount of work, and what a success it's been!!!The winner of my pin sets is (drumroll please!) ...

Sarah of If Only I had Chocolate!

Congratulations Sarah, and thankyou so so much! You have helped me raise $120 and have won yourself 8 sets of pins!!!!!
I'll email you asap!Thankyou to everyone who bid, not just on my auction, but on other auctions as well! We have raised roughly $45,000 through this!!! Isn't that incredible!?!?
Don't forget that the raffles are still going until Wednesday the 26th, so if you didn't win some of the auctions you bid on, you can still donate money to help those in the floods and have the chance to win something awesome! Here's the list!

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Jessica said...

Do have an etsy shop for your pins? How can I get some? They are gorgeous!