Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick update!

Firstly, thank you for still reading this, as I haven't given you all very much lately to look at!
My camera has been overused and has been sent away to be fixed. I feel like I've lost an appendage!
I've found a baby crested pigeon, so am now feeding and watering every 3 hours during daylight. Any advice would be great! My Mum raised one when I was only 2 so she's got some idea, but any other thoughts would be great!You know that the 17th of August was RSPCA cupcake day? Work had a competition for the best tasting cupcakes and guess what? Yep, I won!! How cool is that. I'm enjoying drinking my morning coffee from my new mug!
Also, I'm almost finished another kitten embroidery for my quilt, so once that's done and I have my camera back *sob* I'll show you that.
Yep, so that's about it. See you all soon!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I think...

...that you all deserve a little something for following and reading my blog!
One of my very own very first embroidery patterns! I have yet to try it out as I really have been so busy with other things, but I'd love for you all to test it for me! If you need a reverse, take it into paint and mirror image it.
Again, a huge thankyou to all of you who read my little corner of blogdom and especially those of you who leave comments! I just love them!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Check it Out!

I caught a seagull!Well a silver gull to be precise. lol
Count of birds caught so far in my lifetime -
  1. Galah
  2. Crested Pigeon
  3. Australian Raven
  4. Rainbow Lorikeet
  5. Magpie-Lark (Peewee)
  6. Curlew (Bush Thick-Knee)
  7. Feral Pigeon
  8. Common duck
  9. Silver Gull!
Oh, and I've found that colour tile I was looking for! I'm almost totally finished!! Stay tuned...