Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites

I like this vase with these roses, so sweet.Can I have this quilt cover?And these boots?This Kitty loves dew melon!Nature's art, tying pens to a willow tree. A must if you live near willow trees!I want this huge paint-by-numbers mural in my house!!!This is so true with my Mum.Skateboarding barn owl!This is an abrus seed pod, so cool!Wherever this is, I want to go there!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Art Journal #4

3 more pages from my art journal... I really need to start adding the date to them!
Don't forget you can click them for a better look!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet the Chickens

These gorgeous girls are Maisey -
and Daisy -Daisy is more outgoing than Maisey, but both are wonderful chooks! They come when you call, follow you around, dig up the garden, eat the food scraps that don't go into the compost, and both lay an egg every day. I love having tame chickens!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy Owl!!!Can this be my bedroom? Imagine falling asleep at night to the sound of the rain on the windows!You know, this actually works! But I had to learn it the other harder way didn't I..?This wooden deer brooch by trafalgarssqusre artist Kit Chase is absolutely to die for!Oh yeah, I totally do this!Chicken tocks!Love this little mushroom lamp, I wonder how it was made?!Resin Fishbowl Ring!How amazing is this cloud?!I can't resist a cute kitty picture, especially one this funny!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage and Handmade Finds

Here's some recent op shop finds I've finally taken the time to photograph.This sweet kitty mug with tail handle was irresistible for 50 cents!This RSPCA cat headband modeled by my assistant was a cute find to add to the kitty/doggy dress up box.You remember these butterfly coasters I scored? I found the matching tray for a measly AU$1.50!.This appliqued teatowl for 50 sents was a pretty good grab.This old wooden note pad holder will go into my owl collection.This new flower stacking mug (the yellow one) goes with my other two thrifted beauties.These wonderful plates will go into the cupboard to be given a second life.These 2 plates I got for free from the "take me" bin. Perfect for a tea party!A gorgeous vintage Marcasite necklace for AU$1.50.A deer panel cushion, a little faded but still great, both sides.This hand appliqued cushion with gorgeous attached buttons entitled "Birdhouse Betty" was only AU$1.00!This sweet little deer cross-stitch, which I still need to decide what to do with. Any ideas?And last but not least, this cheeky little Harry Potter Owl who sits on your finger using elastic, a mere 10 cents!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peg Dolls

A few months after starting out in blog-land, I was instantly drawn to follow a blog called Creative Breathing. The wonderful stories and photographs followed by joyous felt creations and then peg dolls was, and still is, truly inspiring. I enjoyed seeing her creations come to life with wonderful characters, but I especially enjoyed her peg dolls! Months went by and I won one of my very own Creative Breathing peg dolls!When she arrived, I instantly fell in love!
Looking everywhere for peg doll supplies, I realized that Australia just didn't have any. In desperation I contacted Elizabeth and she came to my aid, sending out a small box full of equipment to make my very own.Now, finally, after almost three years (my how time flies) I have finished making my first doll!She is a self-portrait. The eyes, hair, clothes and lovingly held lizard is just so me, I am very happy with the way she's turned out!Thankyou so much Elizabeth, for all your inspiration, generosity, and your wonderful friendship!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cats in Glasses!!

I thrifted a pair of broken glasses the other week for the think lenses and decided that I could recycle the frames into the kitty dress-up box!

Cute huh? These pictures make me smile every time I see them! Aren't they good kitties?