Thursday, February 28, 2013

February in Instagram

This month just flew by! Wait, I said that about last month, didn't I? Doesn't help that this month is a couple days shorter than the rest.
This month I...
Photographed some of my favourite stuff and drank a lot of coffee.
Fled the floods.
Harmonized with nature.
Had some interesting new friends visit.
Went shopping. A lot!
Hung out with friends.
Did some embroidery and bought a new quilt.
Enjoyed and laughed at my fur babies antics.
What did you do this past month?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Favourite Things

It's been ages since I've had time to blog! Time sure does fly by when you're busy, and the last few weeks have been very busy. I have 4 new family members to introduce you to, but as they're still settling in I haven't had the opportunity to do a photo shoot. Plus it's been raining constantly. So I thought I'd do a favourite things post.

My favourite necklaces:
1. The butterfly was a gift from some close family friends when I was a teen, and it's still one of my all time favs.
2. The deer I saw on thedaintysquid and just had to have one too.
3. The sunset and palm tree scene necklace was an op shop find. I only paid $1 and was stoked to add it to my collection.
4. The cuckoo clock. How could I resist?
5. A sterling silver mushroom pendant I also found at an op shop about 10 years ago. Still a favourite!
6. The raccoon. He hangs so cutely, I bought him off eBay for only a few cents and free postage.

7. The acorn I bought back in '09. So gorgeous, I love wearing this one. Thankyou sportsgirl!
8. I didn't photograph my final favourite as I've already blogged about it here.
There you have it! What's your favourite necklace?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

It's been awhile, so here come some -
Someone make me this lap quilt!
Make me this one too!!
In love with this fox ring from here.
So happy to live in the country of the quoka!
This sign must be outside my hen house!
Need to remember this more often and thank Him for it.
Best macro shot of a python ever!!
I want - nay - NEED to live here!
I should whip up some wooden letter boxes and do this for friends' birthdays!
Hoping once my tree with the chandelier grows up I can add a swing seat!