Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kitty Canvas

I found this picture at the op-shop for a dollar. There was no way I was leaving it behind!With a wipe over, it's as good as new, and sitting on a book-less shelf in my bookcase. It makes me smile everytime I walk by!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Vroom Vroom Chugga Chugga"

I haven't mentioned this, but at the start of the month, we bought a new car. Nothing special, just a Holden rodeo weldback. So far, the dogs have just loved going for rides in the tray, and we've taken Leila out once. She loved going for drives in the old car, but this was a bigger and nosier truck, so she wasn't so sure. She is seriously the most beautiful little darling! For the first half of the trip, she sat on my lap sniffing and looking around, then she headed through to her normal backseat spot, so I got out the camera and snapped some pics, while Mum took the wheel.Then after a bit she came back and settled, purring, in my lap for the rest of the trip. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

embroidered sunflower

Yes, that's right! An embroidered sunflower. I simply drew it on with led pencil, then stitched the stem and leaves.Ahh but I want something a little different! French knots (is that what they're called??) fill the center and satin stitched petals complete the look.Yes, very happy! Hmmm, but what to do with this one? Any Ideas?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Monarch Project

How divine is this dress?! Isn't it just gorgeous!? I found the picture on another blog dedicated to animals, and couldn't resist saving it!I love monarch butterflies, they were my favourite butterflies as a child. We used to collect wild cotton aka milkweed plant and the caterpillars, wait for them to turn into a chrysalis, then butterflies. It was so much fun!
If you have kids, it would be great to show them this transformation as a school project or a holiday activity!
  1. Nail strips of wood into a rectangular prism, and attach fly-wire to all sides but the bottom.
  2. Plant wild cotton into a couple of pots, making sure there's extra for when the caterpillars eat it all.
  3. Go find some caterpillars or eggs, put them on the cotton plants and place fly-wire cube over the top.
  4. Done! Just make sure the ants don't get to them, and that there's plenty of food to eat.
When they turn into a chrysalis, make sure they don't get afternoon sun and are out of heavy breezes.Don't forget, when the butterflies are struggling to get out of their chrysalises, it's good for them. It gets the blood flowing in their veins. Do not touch or disturb them during this time, only look.Once they start to fly around the fly-wire prism, they're ready to be released!Doing this throughout my childhood taught me respect for even the smallest of insects.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Faves and a Giveaway

I'm entering another giveaway...yes, another. But this one is extra awesome! I get to post about my favourite posts!! Too cool huh? Click on the button to enter.

Ok Auds, here goes -

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For the Love of Cats

Ahh yes, I know For the Love of Cats was my last post, but I really love the picture, and I really love my cats! lol

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

for the love of cats

Have I ever mentioned that I'm allergic to cats?I sneeze and snuffle with itchy throat, nose and ears, and my eyes swell up and don't go down for the whole day. I've tried every anti-histamine under the sun, and the only one that works is called phenergan (not sure if that's the correct spelling). Even taking half of the lowest dosage makes me extremely sleepy.
But wait... don't I own three cats and foster 2 others?
Yes, I do.
I've always owned one or two cats, even when I was little. There is NO way I'm going to ever live without a cat. They keep you from getting too proud, yet give you enough love, so you know you're special.
I just can't bare not to be around them!
So what about the allergies?
Last year I went and saw a specialist. He confirmed what I knew all along. I'm allergic to cat saliva and dust mites.
So then came the needles.
I hate needles.
They don't hurt, they don't leave any marks, but after one or two minutes of the serum being injected, I swell. My arm around the injection site goes reddish and hot, and the itchiness takes over for five minutes. Just like a mozzie bite (which I'm also allergic to).
I used to have them once a week...then once in 2 weeks, now once a month. Every time I get one, I swell and go hot, then you can see all the other inject points come up, white surrounded by red.
The serum seems to be working, but there are still days when something triggers my allergies off. Something I'm not being de-sensitized for, like a certain element in womens perfume, or grass cuttings.
I will continue to have these needles for the rest of my life.
All for the love of cats!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Hope today is spent with someone you love!
To celebrate, here are some things I found around the net...
can't remember where from though,
so if you recognize or own something, let me know!

Friday, February 13, 2009

little furry miracles

Not forgetting the loss of human life and the efforts of those helping human victims, I just had to share these! Out of millions (I'm not exaggerating) of Australian wildlife killed, these guys managed to survive. Of course, you'll know Sam, our little Aussie icon of hope -Isn't she gorgeous?! Poor darling received 3rd degree burns to her paws. She guzzled down 3 bottles of water, which is just amazing. You see, koalas don't drink. They get their moisture from the leaves they eat. That's just another reason why this picture (taken from video) is so incredible. Sam is now off pain-killers and her carer says she's formed an attachment to another rescued koala named Bob.
Here are some more beautiful pictures of rescued little ones:
A big THANK YOU to all the carers, vets and volunteers who are setting aside their time, efforts and money to care for the sick, injured, starving, orphaned and homeless wildlife of the devastated Victorian bushland. Of course, thank you to those who are taking care of domestic animals as well!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

mail today!

My beautiful Valentine Peg Doll
Thank you Elizabeth! She's gorgeous!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yes, we are devastated as a nation. Yes, we feel for every person who has lost a loved one or a home. Yes, we donate money and clothes and do as much as we can. Yes, our hearts break every time we turn on the news. Ultimately though, we must get get on with our own lives.

I'm sending my love to those who have been affected in any way by this tragedy.
  1. Grab a couple of sheets of sticky-backed foam -
  2. Trace or draw a heart onto selected colour -
  3. Cut out heart -
  4. Decorate in your own style and stick heart onto desired surface -
Of course, you don't have to just create a heart. You could make place-mats and coasters for each member of your family, and decorate them with the family member's name. Non-sticky-backed foam, of course! Example: It could also work for kids b'day parties:
Your 5 year old boy love dinosaurs? Grab some green, trace the shape, cut out and add details with extra foam. Faeries for that special little girl? Add some butterfly and flower coasters!

Let your imagination go wild and have fun with it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

W.I.R.E.S support

Every time I turn on the TV, it hits me how devastating the fires really are. 173 human deaths so far, countless animal casualties, 760 homes destroyed beyond repair (just ash) and whole towns are now restricted crime scenes. It hurts. It just hurts. I think Julie from Bush Baby Jag sums up my deepest thoughts. She writes:

"I'm sure there is not one Aussie who is not aware of the devastating circumstances in Victoria at the moment. We've heard and watched on TV the tragic loss of lives, homes and livelihoods. We've seen the heartbreaking images of homes, properties and towns burnt to the ground. We've seen burnt out cars on the side of the road in which lives were lost. We've seen people who were lucky enough to escape these infernos return to find their homes reduced to ashes & rubble. We've cried with and for them, as we've seen the heartbreak on their faces. We've been watching the terrible death toll rise by the hour. We also know there are many more people missing. There are no words to describe how monumental this disaster really is.
No, I'm not really ashamed to be an Aussie. I know how we rally around and stick together in times of crisis. I know how we all reach out and lend a hand. I know how we offer comfort to total strangers. I also know how those who can barely afford to, somehow find a way to dig deep and make donations. This is the Aussie Spirit that I love so much!! This is who we are.
The Red Cross has set up an appeal for the victims of the bushfires. Many of us have made donations. I hope many more do!
I'd just like to ask everyone to spare a thought for all the animals who have suffered, and those who are still suffering. While our first thought is to help our fellow man, sometimes the animals can be overlooked. There are stock, wildlife and family pets who are in desperate need of our help. These poor creatures don't have a voice like we do. They are unable to ask for, or even seek help. Many are displaced, orphaned and suffering terrible injuries and burns. Just the thought of this absolutely breaks my heart. I have and will continue to cry many tears for these innocent, helpless creatures."Please spare a thought and a prayer to the W.I.R.E.S foundation, who have also been devastated by this tragedy with two of their shelters burnt to the ground.
You can go here to make a donation, or call 1300 94535. All donations over $2 are tax deductable.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Please Pray

Australia is in serious crisis!

Northen Queensland is flooding. More than half the state is now declared a disaster zone, with people cut off by flood waters and others losing their livestock, their livelihood. People have died from being trapped in cars, and a 5 year old has been killed by a crocodile after following his dog into flood waters. Homes are unlivable and mozzie diseases are prevalent. More rain and cyclones are on their way with no end in sight.

Victoria is under siege by fire. Not only are they putting up with 40-48 degree Celsius heat (that has killed), but arsonists have lit fires which have now killed a confirmed 173 people, and the number is still rising.

Whole towns have been destroyed by fire storms which are sweeping through hectares of bushland, killing native animals and livestock. People have gotten out with just the clothes on their back.

Please pray for those still fighting to save lives and homes, those who have lost loved ones and homes. Those who are going through the rubble finding bodies, and the animals who are suffering from this disaster!

Elizabeth's Bluebird

Elizabeth received her little surprise package in the mail, so now I can show off what I sent to her. Yay!Elizabeth from Creative Breathing has been so generous and kind to me. I wanted to let her know just how much I appreciate and love reading her stories, so I made this little guy, just for her -I know how much she loves blue, so what could be better than a little bluebird?!He wears a top-hat in celebration of Fred Astaire and the Bobwhites' film festivals, and his eyes came from a poor-baby store.I'm glad you like him Elizabeth. Keep writing your stories and inspire others as you have inspired me!

Friday, February 6, 2009


*My uncle sent this via e-mail to my parents, and mum sent it straight to me. She knows me too well, I love crocodiles!*

The theme parks 'cage of death' that drops tourists into a crocodile's lair

Without the cage you wouldn't stand a chance swimming with a massive saltwater crocodile. But for brave punters who still want to get cosy with a feisty croc, a new Australian tourist attraction is offering the chance for a close encounter in the safety of a clear acrylic box dubbed the 'cage of death'. Just 4cm of acrylic, a pair of goggles and a swimsuit, will separate thrill-seekers from the jaws of Choppa, a saltwater crocodile.Close encounter: A tourist dives into a cage partially immersed in a crocodile pen at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia. The cage has no bars, unlike cages used in shark dives, which prevents the reptiles from gripping on but deep teeth scratches are visible on the sides, deterring some hesitant participants. Top End tourists climb into the clear box before being lowered into Choppa's lair. They then spend 5 minutes inside the 9ft high cage and watch Choppa, who lost both front feet while fighting other crocodiles, trying to take a bite out of them.

Getting cosy: Choppa the crocodile looks like he's 'affectionately' trying to hug the dare-devil tourist. The attraction at Crocosaurus Cove in the heart of the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory has been given high marks by adrenaline-junkies. 'This is it!' said self-confessed thrill-seeker Mark Clayton from Darwin after spending 20 minutes face-to-face with the crocodiles. 'I dive with sharks, large rays, moray eels ... but it's not this close. It's exhilarating to get that close to a crocodile of that size.'Face-to-face: The experience is made even more thrilling for tourists because the cage has no bars. Saltwater crocodiles, known locally as "salties," are the largest crocodile species, with the males growing up to 19.6ft long and weighing up to 2,204lbs. They are found in Southeast Asia but the highest numbers are found in northern Australia. Michael Scott, who opened the attraction in July, said there was plenty of demand for the thrill. 'In the Northern Territory, the saltwater crocodile is an icon and is part of our life. They are always in the news, either in someones swimming pool or killing someones favourite horse,' Mr Scott said.Hunting for food: Up to two people are allowed in the cage at the one time The most famous crocodile to be housed at the park is Burt, who starred as the beast that nearly ate Linda Koslowski's character in Crocodile Dundee. Although saltwater crocodiles are dangerous, fatal attacks on humans are rare in Australia with only one or two reported a year. Warning signs are displayed at rivers, lake and beaches in areas inhabited by crocodiles.Dicing with danger: Swimming face-to-face with a massive saltwater crocodile might not be everyone idea of fun but thrill-seekers are snapping up Australia's newest tourist attraction. The most recent fatality was reported last month in Queensland when the suspected remains of a British man were found inside a crocodile. Arthur Booker, 62, was last seen checking crab pots on a crocodile-infested river in the state's north.

*We have the warning signs everywhere up here, and crocs are seen in our river all the time, not 500 meters from the CBD. It's just a part of life here. With all the flooding up north (62% of QLD is now declared a disaster zone!!) crocs are simply cruising down the main streets. We're so lucky to have avoided any damage so far, but with another cyclone brewing, you never know!*

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb = Felt

Ahh well I'm entering the Meet me at Mikes Make-along. I love working with felt, and Feb is felt month, so of course I just had to join!
Here's my entry, a little owl -who puffs himself up to look bigger when his photo's being taken!

button button who's got the button?

I haven't been doing much on the crafting front lately, for I've just been too busy! Yet when I look around and think about what I've been doing, it really doesn't seem like much. Ever had that happen to you?
I went house-work mad on Sunday and cleaned the entire main bedroom. I've retained from a young age the habit of keeping stuff/junk under the bed, and it gets very dusty and furry under there (being the perfect place for a cat-nap). During the middle of the clean out, I went over town to a cheap shop called "Sam's Warehouse" and bought some under-the-bed plastic containers, the ones that roll in and out. Finally! All my crafting supplies (excluding material) are right there in place and are easily gotten to, and no more cat fur!!
Instead of 14 jars full of my "keep" buttons, I poured them out into a container, and am very lucky that they fit - just!It's a little hard now to find the ones I want in a hurry.It's still so much better than a dozen or so jars sitting around, so I think I'll keep it this way.Do you have a button stash? I wanna see it! Send me a link via the comments and I'll come check it out!