Thursday, December 30, 2010

Owl About Thursday

Since it's the last Owl About Thursday before the New Year starts, let's check out some calendars for 2011!There's a gorgeous Owl Tea Towel calendar by Paper Sparrow available through Spoonflower and as a poster on Etsy.This illustrated owl calendar by artist Stacie Bloomfield on Etsy is gorgeous!And of course the wonderful choose-your-own-owl-pictures calendar from My Owl Barn (Link also on sidebar)! As usual click on pictures for links!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Good Haul

The cats knocked over the tree. I woke up to the crash at 5.00am, my favourite glass mushroom totally smashed in pieces all over the floor. Darn Cats! Oh well. It didn't take that long to redecorate, and I added some more branches and ornaments. It looks fantastic! Click to see larger image -Here's my Christmas loot this year! A pretty good score, 17 owls in all!
A gorgeous little green lizard ornament, Material Obsession, Gift card for Sportsgirl from my brother. (You'll love what my sister got me! It deserves a post all its own so you'll have to wait!)Kitty Biscuit tin, Kitty glasses case, Bird in a cage keyring:Material Obsession Two, a ceramic cupcake trinket box, and of course all those owls:Sorry the pics aren't so great. I'm really missing my camera (of which the repair costs are a Christmas present too! Thanks Mum!!)
What did you get for Christmas this year?!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve. It's drier today than the last few weeks have been. If you live in QLD, today's the day to head for the beach, this weather won't last!May your Christmas be blessed with family and friends, many smiles, joy and much laughter!
Happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Owl About Thursday

Welcome to another Owl About Thursday!
Have you finished your Christmas baking yet? If you have, maybe you'll consider pulling out the bowls and spoons one last time to make this snowy owl cake, which would be perfect for Christmas!!If you don't have the patience to make something that complex this close to the day, how about these gorgeous owl cupcakes!? I can just see them made with red and green or other colours to suit your theme!Or how about some owl cookies!?Or some flaky pastry owls!?This Popcorn owl would look amazing in coloured popcorn!And while you're baking, keep the kids busy colouring in these owl Christmas decorations.Here's a link for a sweet Christmas owl colouring picture too.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Crafting and a side of Thrift

Can you believe it's only 3 more days until Christmas?!? And what did I go and do, but brake my camera. Yep. My poor camera has a broken screen, so it's been sent away for a (doubtfully) quick fix. And right at Christmas too! So I've had to borrow my Mum's camera to take these pics. The rainy weather doesn't help with the quality either, but at least it's not hot.
First up, this gorgeous holly bowl I scored at the oppy for only $1!No chips or anything, it is just gorgeous, and going to be a part of my Christmas decorating for years to come!I also got these cute little ornaments and bottle trees for 50 cents each, and these cute dog and cat Christmas figurines were also 50 cents!I nearly missed this reindeer basket, as you could hardly see the deer in amongst all the tinsel and stuff.I brought it home for only $3 and gave him a revamp.Now he's part of our Christmas display on the TV cabinet, holding some of the smaller presents. It looks so much better in person!If you click on the picture above and enlarge it, you'll see the tins next to the basket. The red reindeer set I got from Kmart in the after Christmas sales last year for only $5. The tin on top I got from the oppy for 50 cents, and the long cylinder tin on the very right with poinsettias I recognize from last years biscuit tin stock in stores, but I scored the plain tin for only 50 cents from an op shop! The nativity scene I have two of. One has been in my family since before I can remember, the one pictured was also only 50 cents.

I used this idea to create a gold and red tinsel tree, along with making another button tree like last years.See the felt one at the back? I made it too, but haven't had the time (or the right things) to decorate it with. It's not as dark as it looks but a much nicer green. I'll look in the after Christmas sales and hopefully find something to jazz it up with. The reindeer statue I found at Kmart reduced to $2 each. His twin is at the other end of the cabinet. Here's a pic of the tinsel tree from my camera, before I broke it.Finding this plain pine cone tree at the op shop for 50 cents, I cut off the ruined bits, painted him up and glued a little birdie to his upper branches.Sorry the picture's so dark! I also scored this great hand painted ceramic plant saucer turned Christmas bowl for $3.50.I couldn't pass it up! Last but not least, I scored a truckload of crafting mushrooms and walnut ornaments from Spotlight at 50% off!I've decorated our "tree" in walnuts, birds, mushrooms, reindeer, and other woodsy creations this year.

Monday, December 20, 2010


The Fitzroy River has broken its banks!It has (luckily) peaked at only around 8 meters, but that still means a bit of a clean up once it's gone down.The water is flowing so fast, I don't know see how the crocodiles won't be washed out to sea! I am not looking forward to the amount of mozzies we'll be getting afterward.Oh well. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without some monsoonal rains and ear-splitting thunder storms, with a few cyclones mixed in for good measure.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Owl About Thursday

Since we're getting ever-closer to Christmas, I thought I'd share some tutorials for owl jewelry. It's still not too late to make one or all of these for the owl-lover in your life!! As usual, click on the pictures and they'll link to their tutorials!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Aussie Gum Nutty Garland Tutorial

I love Australia! Especially at Christmas! Can we even imagine a Christmas with snow, unless we've experienced one? I would miss the beach, the BBQs, the flip flops and ice cream, the mangoes and cherries and nectarines! So here's a way to add some Aussie into your Christmas decor!
First, acquire some gum nuts. Make sure they're dry and have already spilled their seeds!Cut some thread (I used gray DMC I had lying around) to your preferred length and tie a decent sized knot in one end. Then, using a sturdy, sharp needle, start stringing your gum nuts.To get the effect, I pushed the needle out at different intervals, not just through the very top.

Once you're done and have secured the end with another knot, get some old newspaper and some spray paint of your choice (I'm using sterling silver from Bunnings).Take it outside and lay the strung gum nuts on the newspaper.Spray Paint!Allow it to dry then turn over and spray again.Voila! An Aussie Gum Nutty Garland.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Bargains

The weekends garage sale loot, and a few more op-shop finds to share!
The Guide Dog tea towel was $1, the Harry Potter writing set only 50 cents!The squirrel mold, vintage jewelery and vintage ceramic shell plate stamped "Japan" only 50 cents each!The gorgeous ceramic house planter with owl on top was only 50 cents and the little turtle egg cup 20 cents. The beautiful salt and pepper shakers were $1 for the set, as was the little tea-set-on-table trinket box. All are stamped "Japan" underneath.The gorgeous handmade silk ribbon Christmas ornament was only 50 cents too!!