Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wait a minute!

January can't be over, it's only just started!!! Where did all the time go? I hardly got done what I wanted to do, how about you guys?
Here's a few things I did manage...
A gorgeous little lizard ornament. Isn't he cute?An embroidered bracelet, that took me absolutely ages to complete, but was totally worth it!And a face mask made from some gorgeous fabric and a tea towel (this is being sent to a friend soon). I've entered this in Jenny's tea towel challenge, you can find the button on my sidebar. I also entered Buffy's new Buffy Bag.Jenny suggested I make a whole wardrobe of them for her, and I think I just might...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!!

I hope everyone's day was a full one, with heaps of Aussie things, like meat pies and BBQ's and lamingtons and pumpkin scones!
Did you spend your day at the beach, camped out in the air conditioning, or cooped up indoors because of the rain?
I spent most of my day with four beautiful little Aussie's, one of them in the picture below, aimlessly playing computer games, and snoozing. It's back to work tomorrow *cries* and I needed all the laziness I could get a hold of before the business of every day life starts again. Isn't Pepsi beautiful!? Just look at that blue beard of hers!! She's not nearly as used to the camera as the other three yet.I'm sure a lot of you are looking forward to having your kids go back to school tomorrow! Are all the school books in their school bags? Have you labelled everything? Are their lunch boxes ready to be packed in the morning? Enjoy some peace and quite before they get home again and want to tell you ALL about it!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I doodled a little picture last week and it ended up being quite sweet. I'd been thinking how I could use it, and so during the week that little picture turned into a stitchery, which then evolved into a block, which was then transformed into a pillow!You'd think I've had enough of pillows by now, but I just can't seem to stop making them!Another cover is now well on it's way to being completed, and still another is waiting to get started. I'm incorporating past embroideries into them that I haven't found a use for, like this and this.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Squirrel - attempt one

After seeing Elizabeth's little chipmunks the other week, I decided I would try to make my own version of a squirrel to go with them. I'm not great at making things without a pattern though, so my first attempt isn't as good as I would have hoped.Somehow he reminds me more of a kangaroo...probably because I've never seen a live squirrel but am surrounded by marsupial wildlife. Oh well.I'll need to work on perfecting him and writing up the pattern... but I really am sick of working on squirrel heads!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A little jewel

I haven't seen these guy around here for awhile, so it's good to see one again! Not such a great shot but still pretty.If anyone knows what they're called, let me know. Also, this weird cloud appeared the other day.Interesting huh?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Things

I've made some little things recently, and thought I should show you. A happy little rain cloud.A hot air balloon with a little basket.Another little owl, this one sitting on a little branch.Speaking of which, I found a tawny frogmouth the other day! I couldn't get a very good photo, but I'm so happy to have seen one!He's my 104th bird photographed in Central QLD!

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Tied" Quilts

I've been meaning to show you these for quite some time. I've only just re-found the pictures, so thought I should post before I lose them again!
My Aunt is an amazing craftser. She makes all kinds of things, from ribbon embroidered teddy bears and amazingly intricate quilts through to crocheted doilies and knitted wool jumpers. Next time I'm at her house, I plan to take photos of all her wonderful creations!
Way back in the naughties, she made some quilts for her children, my cousins. We were only able to get photos of two of them, but I'm told the third was just as wonderful, purple and filled with butterflies!They're made from old men's ties cut into strips. Isn't that ingenious? She used her sewing machine to embroider the middle panels, then matched all the different coloured ties together to form the most wonderful quilt blocks!Aren't they special? I hope those children of hers (older than I am mind you) are taking care of those wonderful works of art!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1st finish for 2010

My first twenty-ten project is finished, and isn't he sweet?I'm quite happy with how he's turned out, although as it is with all projects, the more you do the beter they become!What do you think?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Christmas decorations are being put away all over the world. It's so sad to see some of them go back into the boxes, they're so lovely and cheerful. Especially my cushion cover that I worked do hard on, I'm missing seeing it on my couch already. So instead of leaving the poor cushion it came off of bare, I made another cover that can stay on display no matter what the holiday or season!The inspiration comes from all the toadstools popping up everywhere after the rain, and these fabulous ornaments from Big W that are staying out year round also.I'm going a little fungi mad me thinks! Show me your mushroom and toadstool crafts ~ leave a link in the comments and I'll come visit!