Sunday, December 14, 2008

White Bat Flower

As I was handing out the packets of cookies yesterday after the church service, one of my older -than I am- friends gave me the main flower from the arrangement on the stage (we have a bunch of flowers up there each week). It is just the most beautiful and strange looking flower I've ever seen!

Everyone else then started asking her what it was and if they could have a plant of their own (not just a flower mind, but a PLANT) and one person in particular took the flower from me and started passing it around. By the time I got it back (and after several photos were taken) it was damaged and wilting. But I'm a nice and non-agressive person, so I stayed quiet and didn't say a word, even though I wanted to.

When I got home I put it into water and waited for it to perk up, but it never fully recovered. I managed to take some photos of my own before it closed up on itself. I'll be keeping it though, because according to my friend, the seeds come once the flower dies.

Here it is, the white bat flower, front and back:

Look it up in google images and you'll find a whole lot of better photos, and some black bat flowers too!


RG said...

Hi there Manda? ( hope that's right)...What a brilliant flower...another incredible piece of God's handiwork...*big grin*
Hey thanks for joining in my giveaway and the very best of luck to you.
Please be sure to put my button on your blog and link it to mine (please ask if you need help)....and thanks for playing :D
Robyn xx

RG said...

Me again! :D
Perfect and thankyou so much!!!!