Monday, December 22, 2008

A Toy Society Christmas Drop

I finally made my Toy Society Christmas drop! My second, but definitely not the last toy drop was of Quartapus, whom you can see in a previous post as well as here -I created him ages ago and he was simply hanging with all my other toys when they learnt I was going to make a new toy for the Xmas drop. But knowing that I was going to be extremely busy leading up to the holidays, Quartapus volunteered for the job. After saying goodbye to all of his friends, he was bundled up in a bag, a special tag was made to match his colours, and some pink glitter Xmas trees were thrown in for fun. His Christmas wish is for a nice family to come along who really need him, find him, take him home, and always love him. After a sad goodbye I left him hanging on a bench outside the library where he wouldn't get wet if it rains.
The last I saw of him, he still held that bemused smile on his face. Good Luck little buddy!

1 comment:

valerie said...

how sweet of you! i hope he went to a good home. :)